Penn Q. Joe, M.D.

About Penn Q. Joe M.D. (Retired)

Some of you may have heard rumors and rumblings that I am retiring from the practice of
medicine. It’s true! After much vacillation, discussion, and prayer, I have decided to
retire from practice on June 30, 2020.

I cannot imagine having done anything other than practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist
these past 34 years at MOGA and 40 years since medical school graduation: Class of 1980.
It has been my privilege to attend, deliver, and learn from you. I give honor in memory of Dr.
H. Leigh Adkins and Dr. Jack Gayden, my mentors and benefactors, who preceded me, and
now, all my faster, younger, and more energetic associates in MOGA. I almost want to hang
around another 40 years to see how much more they will grow this family.

Your medical records will remain with MOGA. You may already know a few of my very
capable associates. They are available to you for continuing your care, and it is my hope that
you will remain a patient with MOGA.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your story and life. You are all certainly a part of mine.

Penn Q. Joe, M.D.
Fellow, American College of OB-GYN
Diplomate, American Board of OB-GYN

Dr. Penn Q. Joe's patients can reach out to Dr. Aric Giddens, Dr. Jason Williams, and Dr. Katherine Dorsett.