Dedicated solely to women's care

Our practice is dedicated solely to a women's care through every stage of her life. From puberty, through pregnancy, during menopause, and throughout later life. Our physicians rotate after-hours call so that there is always a physician available to address urgent problems or complications. After-hours call is also staffed by a nurse who can assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. As it is our desire to be convenient to our patients, we have four offices in the mid-south area. The choice of a physician, and the ongoing relationship that is shared, are very special. We continue to practice by the belief that preventive care is still the best care.

Our Mission

It is our mission to serve as a leader and premier provider of women’s healthcare services for the mid-south community by continually learning, growing, and partnering with our patients, employees, and other healthcare providers. As we strive to achieve excellence on a daily basis, it is our commitment to deliver the highest level of quality and compassion to every patient.

Our Values

As a leader in our healthcare community, we have an obligation to uphold and follow certain values, which in part include the following:


A focused commitment to improving and affecting the health, welfare, and benefit of our patients, employees, and community


A genuine concern for and attention to the feelings, needs, and physical well-being of others


A determined and uncompromising pursuit of excellence


Accepting a greater purpose to guide and direct the plans, paths, and passions in life.