Helping High-Risk Pregnancies

Transabdominal cerclage (TAC) is a surgical procedure that treats cervical incompetence and helps prevent premature delivery and pregnancy loss. Dr. Jason Williams is proud to be the only doctor in the area that performs this surgery and has already seen success with patients at MOGA.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Williams can discuss the risks and benefits of TAC and help determine if it’s the best option for your pregnancy.

2023-03-23_MOGA_Recreated Diagrams_2D Diagram_GM

General placement of abdominal cerclage showing placement at the beginning of the cervix

2023-03-23_MOGA_Recreated Diagrams_3D Model_GM

Transabdominal cerclage placement at the internal opening of the cervix which secures more cervical tissue compared to the lower placement of a vaginally placed cerclage

Transabdominal Cerclage Q & A