Michael Bronstein MD

About Dr. Michael Bronstein M.D. (Retired)

I moved to MOGA at the first of 2018 to facilitate my announced planned retirement. I carefully chose this group as a place for your medical records and a place to transfer care to one of my capable associates.
Words cannot express my gratitude for the confidence and loyalty that you have afforded me over the past 38 years of a rewarding OBGYN practice. Sharing in the birth of a child or simply helping you navigate life’s uncertainties is a privilege I will always treasure and never trivialize.
I look forward to becoming more involved in my grandchildren’s lives and riding frequently and safely on my motorcycles.
So in closing, I hope you wish me well in this new chapter in my life as I wish to thank you for being my patient and, in many instances, my friend.

Michael Bronstein, M.D.

Dr. Bronstein's pateints can reach out to Dr. James A. Wilson MD for the same exceptional care and service