George Wortham MD

About George Wortham M.D. (Retired)

As you may know, I have been practicing part-time for the last four years and had intended to continue doing so until my retirement in 2023.  I have been working in my "other" job to help develop an accountable care organization that will improve medical care in our community, bringing more quality at a better value to patients, employers and providers.  But as we all also know, life is all about change. In late March, the call came for me to lead that charge. Unfortunately, it will require me to retire completely from practicing medicine April 30th.

It has been an honor and privilege to participate in your healthcare for the past years! Through lots of babies, lots of joy, and some sadness, we have persevered together.  I hope that you will continue to seek your care through MOGA, the practice that you and I have built.  We have a great staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and personnel that are here to continue serving you.

Thank you again for all the memories.


Dr. Wortham's patients can reach out to Dr. Jason Williams M.D. for the same exceptional care and service.