Cory Tinke MD

About Cory Tinker (Retired)

I wish to announce to you all, that after twenty years with Memphis Ob-Gyn Association, I will be moving my practice to the Destin area of Florida. I will continue to practice obstetrics and gynecology there at Sacred Heart Hospital, Emerald Coast. My last day to see patients at MOGA will be August 15, 2019.
I have spent my entire adult life in Memphis, from college, medical school, residency, and then private practice. I have raised my family here and have been part of the medical community for over twenty years. These years have been a blessing to both me and to my family. I have been able to learn and practice medicine with a group of extremely knowledgeable and caring physicians. The staff at MOGA and the hospitals where I work have been instrumental in allowing me to provide the best possible care to my patients. Their contributions to my career, ability as a physician, and to my family have been immeasurable.
This move will be both a positive for me and for my family. I am excited about providing the women and families of northwest Florida with the excellence of care I have learned here in Memphis and with MOGA.
One of the highest honors of my life has been to be allowed to be part of your lives. I have been humbled by the trust you have placed in me to be a part of your care, both in your joys and in your pains. It is that which makes this decision bitter sweet.
I leave with the greatest confidence that my fellow physicians and staff at MOGA will continue to provide you with the highest possible health care in a loving, caring environment. This has been their hallmark for over forty years and it has been my honor to participate in it.
Thank you for your trust in me over the last twenty years. I look forward to this new chapter in my life. I will always look back and be thankful for the opportunity and blessing my time with MOGA has been and how that time has made me a better physician and a better person.
Cory Tinker

Dr. Tinker's patients can reach out to Dr. Jason Williams M.D. for the same exceptional care and service.