An ultrasound uses sound waves to create pictures of internal organs. It involves absolutely no radiation, and directs the sound waves through a transducer. As the waves hit tissues, bones, and fluids, they bounce back and are converted into live images. An ultrasound is usually performed around twenty weeks into your pregnancy. We use the ultrasound to confirm that the baby is growing properly in the uterus. Your baby’s heartbeat and movement of limbs can usually be seen. In many cases, we can also determine your baby’s gender. However, the ultrasound is not a foolproof method of doing so. Ultrasounds are also used to determine whether or not you are carrying more than one baby, and what your approximate due date will be.

MOGA also has the capability to perform 4D ultrasounds. This method incorporates time as the fourth dimension, and produces images which look much like color photographs. The best images for a 4D ultrasound are obtained at 27-29 weeks. 4D ultrasounds are normally performed as an elective procedure at the patient’s request, and are not usually covered by insurance carriers. We normally schedule these on Saturdays, and provide you with a live-action recording to take home. This is a wonderful bonding experience in which many parents-to-be enjoy participating.