Blood and Urine.  During your pregnancy, we will perform numerous tests on your blood and urine. Blood tests are used to check for anemia (based on your hematocrit and and hemoglobin levels), rubella, Hepatitis B virus, diabetes (based on your glucose level), and Rh factor, among other things. Your urine will likely be tested at each prenatal visit. We are primarily checking your levels of sugar and protein. High levels of sugar may be a sign of diabetes. High levels of protein may indicate a urinary tract infection or kidney disease.

Fetal Doppler.  At certain points in your pregnancy, your MOGA physician will check for your baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler fetal monitor. A small probe is placed on your abdomen, and the heartbeat is heard and measured.

Other tests sometimes performed by obstetricians include non-stress tests, biophysical profiles, and genetic screening (for Down's syndrome or chromosome disorders).

Genetic Screening.  It’s a very common question: "What tests can I take to find out if my pregnancy is affected by Down's Syndrome or other chromosome disorders?” The options have improved over the past few years, and MOGA is pleased to help new parents prepare.